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Indusind BankIndusInd is one of India's leading financial services brand

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IndusInd is one of India's most trusted banks. The Bank offers a wide range of products and services for individuals and corporates, including microfinance, personal loans, personal and commercial vehicle loans, credit cards and SME loans.

  • Website Design


IndusInd came to us with a vision to revamp their existing website. 
 Our task was to amplify the visual and functional dimensions of their website while preserving the essence of their esteemed identity.


Our Approach here was to keep the website extremely minimal and to the point. 
 We used a color palette that aligned with the original brand color and created illustrations to further explain the services the brand provided.

Design elements

Drawing inspiration from IndusInd Bank's dynamic and forward-thinking approach, we curated a look that blends sophistication with modernity.
 The Iconography, illustrations and colors align with the original website to retain user recall value.

Website Design

Visual Storytelling

Our design approach incorporated engaging visual storytelling to present IndusInd Bank's wide range of services. Striking visuals and concise yet informative content guide users through the diverse offerings, ensuring that they can quickly understand how the bank caters to their individual or corporate needs.

User Centric Design

Our design team meticulously crafted an interface that ensures seamless navigation, making it easier than ever for visitors to find relevant information and services. The intuitive layout guides users through a journey that feels personalized, with clear calls to action that help them effortlessly access the services they need.


Recognizing the increasing reliance on mobile devices for online engagement, our design prioritized responsiveness. The website adapts fluidly to various screen sizes, ensuring an optimal experience whether users access it on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.